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The Year 2

The strategic planning process grounded by 5 pillars student success, service excellence, connection to community, innovation and sustainability will ensure broad consultation with the community, stakeholders, government and staff as the college charts its development for the next three years.

The process will frame our action and direction as and department operational plan each year plan and initiative will be developed and will directed towards fulfilling the mission, vision and values and to achieving the strategic properties of best performers college.

Introduction and Executive Summary

Our 2018 to 2020 strategic plan and multi year outlook have been in development since the full of 2014 with a goal of presentation to and approval by the board of directors in may 2014.

Our focus during the plan process, has been on maintaining and building like stability and the ability to respond to opportunities and challenges while at the same seeking out ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

From the earliest stage of the process the goal was to create organisation capacity while bringing our expenditures in line to merge current funding levels. The net results of our efforts have been to incur a year in operating deficit with a long term plan to achieve a balance between expenditure against revenue.

We will continue to invest strategically in new programs, service and staff to meet the needs of our students and demand of the employers, the diverse of our country.

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Best Performers college will continually look towards innovation and renovation in programming, services and technology to be responsive to the community and help our students and the community we serve to reach their potential.

Guiding Principles:

  • Innovation will be encouraged and embraced.
  • Innovation will be an element in all our programs and services.
  • We will serve as an innovation leader and incubator for our students and the community we serve.


The element of planned expenditure are detailed in the note of further on this document we believe our projected financial position as illustrated going into 2014 to 2016 and beyond will eventual provide us with strong organisation stability by 2014 to 2016.

  • Being to address a significant list of unmet academic capital and deferred maintenance.
  • Consider some of the projects priorities identified on our campus master plan and long term capital project plan if government funding is not available to support them.
  • Support program renewal and development and to address other priorities of our strategic plan; and
  • Take advantage to strategic high benefit initiative and opportunity.
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